Monday, July 1, 2013

Rolling Hills!

Well kind of. With some treadmill trickery I am able to start preparing for my down hill run in September. Matthew cut me a couple 2x8s to prop under the end of the treadmill to raises it up. I am able to get a significant downhill going as well as a little bit of uphill.

Nice when you can't leave the house and honestly ideal for preparing for a run that is straight down!

I had a four mile run this morning and I did a bit of rolling hills, up to a 4% incline and down to a 5% decline. You aren't supposed to add more than a mile of down hill at a time so that's about what I did.  It was the easiest four miles I have ever run in my life. Maybe I am getting the hang of this?! I really could have kept going! I think I am just used to me running on an 2 ir 3% incline so level, or even down hill, was crazy easy!

I did four miles in 43 minutes and that included my slower than normal first .25. Not too shabby, especially for me... I stuck it out at about 10:30 miles and just kicked it up to under 10 for my last .25 to finish with a bang.

Downhill running is harder on the quads so we will see if my legs thank me or hate me later!

In the meantime, we drove down the canyon where my race will be and it is going to be AWESOME. So fun to be able to slow down and take in that scenery! I just sat in the passenger seat and envisioned my feet hitting that pavement. I can do this!!

There is still over a three mile run once you get to the mouth of the canyon... not so sure about that part. Haha!

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