Tuesday, June 25, 2013

First 5k Evah!

Fresh off the heels of my first 10k I ran my first 5k! I had to have the 10k for corral placement at the princess, so any race I do other than that one is just for fun!

So fun I didn't even time it... Like, I didn't even start my phone. What? What was I thinking? I am curious how well we did because, well, we totally rocked it. FAIL.

Traci and I set out for BOTH of our first 5k, only it's also her first race ever. Color Me Rad! A very colorful, very messy, fun run.

Matthew was off playing poker the night before and the party baby was not cooperating. I finally made him fuss it out at midnight (midnight!) and he was up a short two hours after that. Ugh! When Matthew came home in the wee hours of the morning he found me on my side and Greyson sitting up next to me, both of us sleeping probably very restlessly. He picked him up and tried to put him in bed which didn't work. Suffice it to say, he was a naughty baby that night! He knew how badly I wanted him to sleep!

Then at 5:00 Asher came down to my side of the bed, got a snuggle from me and then, as I was taking him back to bed, I realized his pants were soaked (fun bath last night?) and so I had to change him and send him off. Shortly after that he came down to Matthew's side of the bed (Matthew doesn't take him back to his room!) only Matthew can't hear him so I have to get up and get Matthew up. Ugh! My best sleep of the night was from whatever time that was until I shot out of bed at 5:52 thinking I was late when my alarm was actually set for 5:55. Booooo!

Traci was early (!!) to my house, I ran out and hopped in her car and off we were to public transport. We weren't alone! Lots of white T's in the house. On the train we did our sleeves, and our tattoos and we were READY.

When we got there is was a PARTY. There was Zumba (which was totally fun...) and yelling and happy and crowds and colors. It was good times. We were all in the mix of things getting our groove on until we were supposed to head to the start. We were off.

And we ran and ran and ran and it was no big deal. Traci and I kept a great pace and talked the whole time. She was worried about me having to slow down but I don't feel I had to, and she didn't seem to have a hard time with the pace so we were good to go. So good, it didn't feel like it was three miles. To where we were planning to look it up when we got home! Later, my body told me it was indeed 3 miles, not sore... just feel like I did a little something that day. Perfect!

After the run we got our picture taken again and went into the mix of partiers for more messy fun. We stayed for a couple of powder throwing good times (they were doing it every ten minutes for the new finishers and I am pretty sure we were in the first one.) We snuck out and I said "Alright, let's get out of here!" and I was busted! One of the guys doing the MC-ing turned around and said "No!" and tossed two more color bombs at us. Well, if you insist... and back in we went.

We rode the train back home which went SUPER fast, we walked to a different station than most of the other people were walking to! (Holla!) So we killed off those extra calories at McD's. People stared.

When I got home Duncan was fascinated but Ian wouldn't come anywhere near me. He told me I wasn't "Booful anymore." Awwwwe shucks. He and Matthew started the shower for me and he made it up to me with kisses post-shower. I asked him "I wasn't beautiful?" and he said "Nooo... but then you washed and were booful again!" Cute boy.

I think Traci has the race bug... more on that to come. She needs to be my co-blogger, she got me into this!

I also did the first run for my half training yesterday. My half is exactly 12 weeks from last Saturday. here we go!

Flat Shannon on the left, flat Traci on the right



No, I have no idea what we are doing in all of these crazy pictures. Just being a bunch of odd balls. 

Uhhh, yea.

Friday, June 21, 2013

What? Another Half?

I bit the bullet and sign up for a half marathon - ANOTHER half marathon. I kind of wanted something to train for in between now and the princess in February, something to keep me pushing and going. I had been eying this downhill canyon run for a couple of weeks. Do I do it? Do I not do it? What do I do? Because it is straight down hill they say to run it with a friend to help you pace yourself so you don't hit it too hard coming out of the gates and crash later. Can I talk someone in to doing it with me?

The other morning I had a bout of insomnia after Grey ate and was up for a couple of hours successfully talking myself into registering. I was just going to go for it and worry about a friend later, if at all. Commit! Well, I should have gotten up and done it because by the time I woke I was back to needing to be talked into it!

Matthew walked up to me staring at the web page for it (again. Still?) and I was talking to him about it and I said "we know I am going to do it right?". At which point he walked over, put his wallet in front of me and said to get it over with! When I told this to April (one of my princess running partners) she said "Dude, in that case #runalltheraces!"

So I did it! It's in September, exactly a 12 week training plan from this Saturday. I can do this! Right?

Downhill is harder on your muscles so I plan to prop up the back of the treadmill and slowly work downhill into my running. I can do this!

Meanwhile I am trying to get to a point where I am comfortable running around 5 miles twice during the week to prepare for a long run on Saturdays. I am not doing so hot at it though! It's the comfortable part that is tricky...

I got a pretty new pair of shoes to try that I am really excited about. Matthew and I both went and got fitted at a running store. I am a late gait overpronater, good to know. No cushy shoes for me!

Saturday Traci and I have a color fun run, our first! It's going to be fun!

First race ever! (repost 6-10-13)

Well, I did it... I registered for my first Half Marathon, otherwise known as a massive girl's trip! I am running 13 miles to take a vacation. I guess that tells you the value of the trip right? It's in Disney World! I am officially going to Disney World for the first time next February and to get there I am participating in the Glass Slipper Challenge which is a 10k on one day and a half the next. Should be easy right? No? I guess we will see.

This was the commitment that I made to my friends two months ago when I decided that I better start running or else I was going to be in trouble come February. More over, you have to have a 10k under your belt as proof of time to help where they line you up at the gates. I decided to run my 10k the same day my sister in law went for her first half, last Saturday. It's done, whew!

Even though it was about 45 minutes away we didn't drive together because her LAST bus left at 4:30 and my FIRST bus left at 5:45. I am not that good of a friend. I planned to leave my house around 4:50. Grey woke up for his middle of the night feeding at 3:30, which was fine. I fed him, put him down and got ready for my big day.

Before the race I got to chat with a few different gals who were very nice, one was 31 weeks pregnant and another 8. Egads.  They were planning to take it a little easy than me so when it was time to go, it was time and I was off.

After just a short distance the 10k group met up with the half marathoners that were coming down the hill. These were the fastest of them and I was getting passed left and right! Literally. I was being passed the ENTIRE race. I assumed traffic laws, slower people stay right, but no one else did so I more stayed right-ish so they could go around on whichever side was convenient. I passed far few people than passed me that's for sure! I kept looking at my watch to check my pace, I couldn't possibly be going that slow could I? Ugh. My inner dialogue had a lot of "They have been doing this for longer than 4 weeks..." type chit-chat.

At about 2 miles I was pretty sure it would get easier at the half way mark. At about 3.5 miles I remember being pretty unsure of whether I ever wanted to do something like this again. Definitely rethinking my recent Princess registration! About 4 miles I got a knot in my shoulder blade. Ouch! one foot in front of the other.

During the sixth mile I saw the 2:00 pacer for the half and I knew that was Eden's goal time so I just kept watching for her to pass me. Watching, watching. (Mind you, she was also running on a broken-ish toe, so this goal time may have been slightly unreasonable given the circumstances...).

Finally, the finish was in sight. And.... it was far away. Really far. and it just didn't really seem to be getting any closer at all. That was torture. I would almost like to round a corner and have it be there like "Aha! You're done!"  During the last quarter of a mile there were people there cheering and I sprinted to the end. Aaaaand DONE.

I am a runner.

After texting Eden we met up in the crowd of people to get her checked in bag, get our times, and ride the bus back to the cars. She wasn't terribly pleased with her time which was, yea, I will say it... ridiculous! She is too fast for her own good apparently! She did pretty awesome and if I could finish a half in the time she did at some point I would be pleased as punch!

And not that time really matters in the whole scheme of -this is my first race- -I have only been running a couple months- -okay, it was kind of fun-, but I finished in 1:02 which is great! I ran a 10:00 min mile where I expected to come in more around 11, maybe 10:45 with adrenaline on my side. I guess maybe those people passing helped? I ended up with my fastest mile at about 9:51 and my fastest 5k at 30:25. Because we were there and it was fast, we got the official print out of our times and I finished 10th in my division of (kind of) older ladies. I know what you are going to ask... and yes, there were more than 10 of us! There were 37! Holla.

And yes, now that it is a couple days back, I am wondering when I can do it again. Crazy! No! What am I thinking?

The Disney races are more for fun than competition so I don't anticipate being particularly speedy there. There are Disney character photo opportunities along the route, you dress up, you have a great time. But I should at least be able to move my legs in a fashion that will get me across the finish line so I guess I am not done anyway... plus, I kind of like it a little. Don't tell anyone.

Eden and I - Her medal is like... twice as big as mine but she ran twice as long so it's all good. 

Random stranger who runs faster than me. We met on the bus!

The bling

Yea - I totally still have this...

I was wounded!

Repost from April 18
I ran and ran and ran... and wounded myself. Really I blame a work out DVD for tweaking my hip but it certainly didn't help that I ran five miles on a sore hip did it? Best min per mile yet! And for 5 miles! Except... I couldn't move the rest of the weekend and feel like I am starting from ground zero again. Don't run on injuries, even if you just got a little too crazy with the kick boxing! I blame my hip flexor.

I ran on the parkway and used Nike+ to track my miles. I know there is a bit of an accuracy issue and this was confirmed as my 2.5 back was shorter than my 2.5 miles out. What? I know. I thought I was done back at my house and I had to keep running! It was super fun running outside though, I dug it. Who knows if that will ever happen again. I would be on 6 miles this weekend but I am wounded so we will see if we can get 3 in!

Off to google hip flexor stretches!

Repost from May 16
I am running again! I ran a mile a couple days ago and then last night 2.5 horribly SLOW, LONG, treadmill miles. After having not run at all for a couple weeks to give my hip flexors a break I am starting back at square one! Well, not square one since I have been doing other things every day but pretty much! Surprising how fast you can lose it but I am back on track again. It's a good thing because I have a teeny tiny little commitment the first weekend of the month. YIKES! I am not sure I am ready but as long as I am not last right? Have to start somewhere.

I have to stretch my hip flexor on the left really well a few times a day and start working on it a a little while before any treadmill attempts and then I am really careful to stretch it out after to make sure it doesn't get hurt again. I really wasn't sure if I was ever going to run again after how bad it hurt to walk!

I am happy to report that I found another sucker to do a color run with me in June. Someone was trying to unload their registration that they purchased early on and it was cheeeeaaaap so I took them up on it and suckered Traci into running it with me! Woohoo! She is totally going to show me up! Yikes!

Totally boring stuff (repost from 4-8-13)

I have gone and done it. What I said I would never do. Run. You see, runners really annoy me because that's all they talk about, ever. It's SO annoying. So what do I do but go and start running and now here I am... talking about it. Laaaaame, I know... sorry. BUT... I am afraid if I don't track what I am doing I will regret it so where else to track these things but in my journal. I will not start two journals just because I intend to bore you. Sorry in advance! Maybe I just mark all the running stuff boring so you can skip it? Or maybe you can start running with me...

I needed to get my buns in gear... my cute little Greyson, aka "party baby" hates to sleep, he didn't want to go to bed before 11:30 at night and that's traditionally been my work out after baby time so what gives? The work out. It's too bad Grey, it's time,  I have to hand you over to dad for some good old sleep training. I am just flat out at the point where I can't put it off any longer so I laced up the old shoes and hopped on the elliptical about two weeks ago.

For a little history, I LOVE working out. I love it. (I love eating too, even more probably, so it's a good thing I love it...) I have a feeling if I didn't have so many obligations I would be one of those freaky gym people. Once I get going it's hard for me to actually stop... Before the twins I would get up at 4:30 in the morning to go to the gym and then be at work at 6:30. After babies I would do it late at night... but I never really got going again after Grey.

A few months ago I tried. I started the C25K to start running but I did it for three days in a row before I figured out it was a three days a week program. Needless to say, I guess I was a little beyond starting C25K anyway. I hate running, it's soooo boring. Painfully boring. Granted I have only ever done the treadmill but *yawn*, why people why? Then we up and decided to move and THEN there wasn't a TV in the work-out room so I had lots and lots of excuses not to start exercising again!

So, after I did a couple little work-outs during the day and then started picking up the late night work outs I decided to run a little. Uggghhh... maybe I can run if I only run half the work-out time. But then... THEN... I may have made a wee tiny race commitment to some of my imaginary friends. (More on that in a few months...) and now I HAVE to run, I just have to! Learn to love it baby!

I ran outside last Friday, not even two weeks from when I got moving again. I was planning on four 14 minute miles... slow. I am only a couple weeks into it and this was to be my first once a week "long" run having slowly run 3 miles already a few times. I did it, faster than expected (though far from fast!). Four miles at an average of 12:29 min miles, marking the longest distance I have ever run and the first time I ran outside.

And it begins. I will not get obsessed, I will not get obsessed, I will not get obsessed.

Running is Contagious

What am I doing here? No really... What in the world have I gotten myself in to? How did this happen?

I will tell you. Their names are Patty, April and Rosalyn. Just a few of my imaginary friends I have "known" for five + years. Patty started it, we can all blame her. She started running a few years ago and now is a die hard RunDisney fan. I am not sure how she sucked April in but April did her first half (RunDisney Princess) in February '13. Then Rosie started running and she has lost 60 pounds! Pretty amazing. When talking about the Princess '14 somehow I got looped in (perhaps the enticement of a girls trip?) and it was all over.

It was a plan, I am going to be a princess.

Wait... What? I am running a half marathon? I don't run!

Don't get me wrong, I exercise, I like it. Well, I like to eat anyway and I need those calories. But running? I have never run. I have a dusty treadmill that I bought big and new when I was single but I choose the elliptical over the treadmill any day of the week. Moreover, runners are kind of annoying. All they ever want to talk (and blog) about is running.

But, here I am, learning to love it one step at a time.

She made me do it

I am not completely 100% sure about this running blog thing. I try really hard to keep up with my little family blog and am not all that successful lately! I am a busy lady! So with that in mind... Another blog? Am I crazy?

Well, I think we have already established that yes... Yes I am.

So when Traci suggested I start a running blog I said no. No no no. I don't have time, I hate running blogs (I do... Lllllame) and I don't have time. But she did have a point, I will want to look back and see how I started and see the fun races I have done. And here I am. Though I don't expect to update this quite as often or have it be quite as involved as my other one.

Not to mention, running blogs are lllllame, so there is no sense clouding up my family blog with running stuff. All you other people that hate running blogs (that likely aren't reading anyway) can thank me later.

Now I have a place to show off my pretty new shoes.

Runners Appreciate