Friday, June 21, 2013

First race ever! (repost 6-10-13)

Well, I did it... I registered for my first Half Marathon, otherwise known as a massive girl's trip! I am running 13 miles to take a vacation. I guess that tells you the value of the trip right? It's in Disney World! I am officially going to Disney World for the first time next February and to get there I am participating in the Glass Slipper Challenge which is a 10k on one day and a half the next. Should be easy right? No? I guess we will see.

This was the commitment that I made to my friends two months ago when I decided that I better start running or else I was going to be in trouble come February. More over, you have to have a 10k under your belt as proof of time to help where they line you up at the gates. I decided to run my 10k the same day my sister in law went for her first half, last Saturday. It's done, whew!

Even though it was about 45 minutes away we didn't drive together because her LAST bus left at 4:30 and my FIRST bus left at 5:45. I am not that good of a friend. I planned to leave my house around 4:50. Grey woke up for his middle of the night feeding at 3:30, which was fine. I fed him, put him down and got ready for my big day.

Before the race I got to chat with a few different gals who were very nice, one was 31 weeks pregnant and another 8. Egads.  They were planning to take it a little easy than me so when it was time to go, it was time and I was off.

After just a short distance the 10k group met up with the half marathoners that were coming down the hill. These were the fastest of them and I was getting passed left and right! Literally. I was being passed the ENTIRE race. I assumed traffic laws, slower people stay right, but no one else did so I more stayed right-ish so they could go around on whichever side was convenient. I passed far few people than passed me that's for sure! I kept looking at my watch to check my pace, I couldn't possibly be going that slow could I? Ugh. My inner dialogue had a lot of "They have been doing this for longer than 4 weeks..." type chit-chat.

At about 2 miles I was pretty sure it would get easier at the half way mark. At about 3.5 miles I remember being pretty unsure of whether I ever wanted to do something like this again. Definitely rethinking my recent Princess registration! About 4 miles I got a knot in my shoulder blade. Ouch! one foot in front of the other.

During the sixth mile I saw the 2:00 pacer for the half and I knew that was Eden's goal time so I just kept watching for her to pass me. Watching, watching. (Mind you, she was also running on a broken-ish toe, so this goal time may have been slightly unreasonable given the circumstances...).

Finally, the finish was in sight. And.... it was far away. Really far. and it just didn't really seem to be getting any closer at all. That was torture. I would almost like to round a corner and have it be there like "Aha! You're done!"  During the last quarter of a mile there were people there cheering and I sprinted to the end. Aaaaand DONE.

I am a runner.

After texting Eden we met up in the crowd of people to get her checked in bag, get our times, and ride the bus back to the cars. She wasn't terribly pleased with her time which was, yea, I will say it... ridiculous! She is too fast for her own good apparently! She did pretty awesome and if I could finish a half in the time she did at some point I would be pleased as punch!

And not that time really matters in the whole scheme of -this is my first race- -I have only been running a couple months- -okay, it was kind of fun-, but I finished in 1:02 which is great! I ran a 10:00 min mile where I expected to come in more around 11, maybe 10:45 with adrenaline on my side. I guess maybe those people passing helped? I ended up with my fastest mile at about 9:51 and my fastest 5k at 30:25. Because we were there and it was fast, we got the official print out of our times and I finished 10th in my division of (kind of) older ladies. I know what you are going to ask... and yes, there were more than 10 of us! There were 37! Holla.

And yes, now that it is a couple days back, I am wondering when I can do it again. Crazy! No! What am I thinking?

The Disney races are more for fun than competition so I don't anticipate being particularly speedy there. There are Disney character photo opportunities along the route, you dress up, you have a great time. But I should at least be able to move my legs in a fashion that will get me across the finish line so I guess I am not done anyway... plus, I kind of like it a little. Don't tell anyone.

Eden and I - Her medal is like... twice as big as mine but she ran twice as long so it's all good. 

Random stranger who runs faster than me. We met on the bus!

The bling

Yea - I totally still have this...

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