Friday, June 21, 2013

She made me do it

I am not completely 100% sure about this running blog thing. I try really hard to keep up with my little family blog and am not all that successful lately! I am a busy lady! So with that in mind... Another blog? Am I crazy?

Well, I think we have already established that yes... Yes I am.

So when Traci suggested I start a running blog I said no. No no no. I don't have time, I hate running blogs (I do... Lllllame) and I don't have time. But she did have a point, I will want to look back and see how I started and see the fun races I have done. And here I am. Though I don't expect to update this quite as often or have it be quite as involved as my other one.

Not to mention, running blogs are lllllame, so there is no sense clouding up my family blog with running stuff. All you other people that hate running blogs (that likely aren't reading anyway) can thank me later.

Now I have a place to show off my pretty new shoes.

Runners Appreciate

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