Friday, June 21, 2013

What? Another Half?

I bit the bullet and sign up for a half marathon - ANOTHER half marathon. I kind of wanted something to train for in between now and the princess in February, something to keep me pushing and going. I had been eying this downhill canyon run for a couple of weeks. Do I do it? Do I not do it? What do I do? Because it is straight down hill they say to run it with a friend to help you pace yourself so you don't hit it too hard coming out of the gates and crash later. Can I talk someone in to doing it with me?

The other morning I had a bout of insomnia after Grey ate and was up for a couple of hours successfully talking myself into registering. I was just going to go for it and worry about a friend later, if at all. Commit! Well, I should have gotten up and done it because by the time I woke I was back to needing to be talked into it!

Matthew walked up to me staring at the web page for it (again. Still?) and I was talking to him about it and I said "we know I am going to do it right?". At which point he walked over, put his wallet in front of me and said to get it over with! When I told this to April (one of my princess running partners) she said "Dude, in that case #runalltheraces!"

So I did it! It's in September, exactly a 12 week training plan from this Saturday. I can do this! Right?

Downhill is harder on your muscles so I plan to prop up the back of the treadmill and slowly work downhill into my running. I can do this!

Meanwhile I am trying to get to a point where I am comfortable running around 5 miles twice during the week to prepare for a long run on Saturdays. I am not doing so hot at it though! It's the comfortable part that is tricky...

I got a pretty new pair of shoes to try that I am really excited about. Matthew and I both went and got fitted at a running store. I am a late gait overpronater, good to know. No cushy shoes for me!

Saturday Traci and I have a color fun run, our first! It's going to be fun!

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