Friday, June 21, 2013

I was wounded!

Repost from April 18
I ran and ran and ran... and wounded myself. Really I blame a work out DVD for tweaking my hip but it certainly didn't help that I ran five miles on a sore hip did it? Best min per mile yet! And for 5 miles! Except... I couldn't move the rest of the weekend and feel like I am starting from ground zero again. Don't run on injuries, even if you just got a little too crazy with the kick boxing! I blame my hip flexor.

I ran on the parkway and used Nike+ to track my miles. I know there is a bit of an accuracy issue and this was confirmed as my 2.5 back was shorter than my 2.5 miles out. What? I know. I thought I was done back at my house and I had to keep running! It was super fun running outside though, I dug it. Who knows if that will ever happen again. I would be on 6 miles this weekend but I am wounded so we will see if we can get 3 in!

Off to google hip flexor stretches!

Repost from May 16
I am running again! I ran a mile a couple days ago and then last night 2.5 horribly SLOW, LONG, treadmill miles. After having not run at all for a couple weeks to give my hip flexors a break I am starting back at square one! Well, not square one since I have been doing other things every day but pretty much! Surprising how fast you can lose it but I am back on track again. It's a good thing because I have a teeny tiny little commitment the first weekend of the month. YIKES! I am not sure I am ready but as long as I am not last right? Have to start somewhere.

I have to stretch my hip flexor on the left really well a few times a day and start working on it a a little while before any treadmill attempts and then I am really careful to stretch it out after to make sure it doesn't get hurt again. I really wasn't sure if I was ever going to run again after how bad it hurt to walk!

I am happy to report that I found another sucker to do a color run with me in June. Someone was trying to unload their registration that they purchased early on and it was cheeeeaaaap so I took them up on it and suckered Traci into running it with me! Woohoo! She is totally going to show me up! Yikes!

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