Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Running with friends

One of my imaginary/became real life friends, Valorie introduced me to a small group of runners online. A new set of imaginary friends! (Really, that's all I need right? Haha! At least these are local!)

This online group tracks their daily workouts together and I have seen them get together for different races and some fun runs on the weekends but, newsflash, I don't get out of the house much. So I would just watch it all happen every weekend. I want a running buddy!! They go fun places too! On trails! New scenery! Someday I will be able to run with them and it's okay, until I can I am good with my little once a week, outside, weekend run. It's a good little quiet vacation.

But last week they were coming by ME to run! Like, right by me! So I told them I was good to meet them about half way through their run to run my 9 miles... (yes, half way, one of them had to run 14!) They told me they were going about my speed which is about 10:30 min mile or so. (I am new... I am slow, what can I say?). So we were all set but then the one gal that was planning it by me had to drop out... the run was moved but I stuck with it. I planned on meeting the one that was left. Heidi, around 7:00 (Hot! And it's been so humid to boot!) at another place about 10 minutes away. It's all good.

Except the slower runner was the one that dropped out... this didn't really occur to me until after the run though. Haha!

About 3/4 of the way there it dawned on me, I forgot my Garmin watch that tells me how fast we are going. Sucker! Naked! I am naked!

I get there and Heidi and her friend, had already been running for a little while doing speed work. They picked me up and we set off. And I was dying, slowly. Ha! We got about three miles out and turned around... this was about the time that they started asking me about me and my kids... and Dylan. So now, not only am I dying, but I am talking while I am running and I started dying even faster! You know I love talking about Dylan... it's a weakness, or not.

A few times I told them to go ahead and they said they were fine and we would walk for a minute or two. Heidi runs with her son who is like... 10 or 11? Maybe? So she is used to managing her speed for other people which is good, but they really could have gone on even though I liked the company. We walked, we ran, we walked, we ran and we were done. At the end she tells me the first three miles were at about a 9:30 pace (!!!) and that sometimes it is good to forget your watch! I think she was trying to kill me!!

We did those six miles in about 1:02. I did the DOWNHILL 10k race at this same pace, 10:00 (and was dying, if you recall...).

I was done! (Or was I?)

I got in the car and they got in theirs and I  sat for a minute. I only did 6 miles! I was planning on 9! So what that Grey only let me have 4 hours of sleep that night (just say no to caffeine, I may never learn...) and I had some crazy bowel issues (TMI)... that can't stop me! No excuses! If you are going to run you have to RUN!

So I got back out of the car and ran an additional three miles at a bit slower of a pace, the 10:30 I was planning on!) I did it! I did my longest run ever! 9 miles!

It was so SO much fun running with friends, I am sure I will get the chance to do it again. I would like to not be the one that slows everyone down but I am still pretty new at this and it seems my speed picks up every single week so I will get there. Thank goodness they were patient with me. I loved meeting my new non-imaginary friend Heidi, she is a great coach, and it really helped to inspire me to do more/faster/better.

Oh, and you know that trouble area on your hips? Like, the saddle bags? Yea, those muscles still hurt on Monday from that great run.

Alright, alright, the faster pace was good for me! I said it okay? I said it! It was good for me to be challenged!

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