Thursday, October 24, 2013

I am pouting.

Hey!!! Sorry about my little blogging haitus! My twins turned six and what do you know? They notice. everything. So I have been quite busy making it special. Not to mention playing with new toys.

Disney Infinity - it's for the whole family ya'all.

My second half marathon was supposed to be on the 26th, this Saturday. I say supposed to be because I can't do it. I am giving away my bib. And I am so upset about it! I guess you would call this pouting. I am pouting.

I went to the doctor to have my leg checked out. I was starting to think it was likely a stress fracture from the down hill running (in prep for this half!) but I had no idea. I was kind of nervous about that because they take so long to heal! Not good.

In talking the doctor he basically had no idea what I did to my leg. It was unlikely a stress fracture would show up on an x-ray. He said they would need to do MRI's to confirm but instead of spending the money we can treat it like a stress fracture. Buuuuut let's do x-rays just in case to rule things out.

The x-rays were super clean. After he left I took charge of the computer and this is what you get...

I just added this one so you can see what my fat butt looks like on x-ray. 

There is another x-ray of my hip but that is rated R.

There are no bright spots or anything to cause him concern and we looked at my hip and knee which looked great (good to know). 

He did an examination and wiggled my knee around. Not terribly comfortable but everything seemed great to him! He was now 100% sure it was soft tissue and not bone. Hallelujah. Aside from people thinking I am making it all up, the healing time for soft tissue injuries, made up or not, is significantly shorter than a stress fracture! 

So now what? He recommended that I got to Physical Therapy for a month because obviously something is going on. He recommended their therapist that works specifically with runners (he called him a "giant running nerd"). He will hook me up, make me run and analyze my run. This is something I was considering paying out of pocket for because my hip flexor issue was this same leg so it's possible there is something going on with my form that I can tweak. I will do that and four therapy sessions. 

Also - bad knees run in my family and the doctor said it is definitely possible for people with bad knees and hips to run! As long as their form is correct. 

In the meantime, he told me that running the half on Saturday wouldn't do any permanent damage but it would significantly set back my healing time. I hadn't trained now, having taken a couple weeks off, and the idea of going back to where I was after my last ten mile run? Not able to walk? No thanks. So I had to break my BRF's heart and tell her I am out. 

My first appointment with the PT is next Tuesday and I will keep you posted how that goes, I think it will be fun! 

For now - No running. None. All low-impact exercises only Elliptical, Stationary bike and swimming. We are two for three here at home but I don't think all my begging will get Matthew to buy me a pool. Not even a little one. I haven't done anything though because my leg still hurts. I think I will give it another week or two then pick things back up again... but still no running, that will get a few weeks more and then I will start slow again. I need to be in tip top shape for the Princess, training starts in December!


  1. Take care of yourself - we need you at the Princess!!!

  2. You never know! Try for the pool ;) Hope your injuries heal fast! I'm on the DL with you, girl!

  3. Bah! I miss your running posts. But if this slows you down to my level for PHM, I'm not complaining. ;) JUST KIDDING! Heal fast- take the time off and PT you need!

  4. Boo....take care of you. We are getting Infinity for Mini Me's birthday, it looks so fun!

  5. Boo. Be sure to rest up. Can't wait to meet you at Princess. Infinity is a blast, at least as far as I can tell. L & E haven't let us play it yet.