Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Electric Run!

Late to the game on this but a few weeks ago we did the Electric Run.

Shannon was interested in doing one of the "novelty races" and was looking at a Color Run in August and to that I said... "in August?!" I had been looking at the Electric Run all year and thought it would be fun so I suggested that instead and she totally agreed. We apparently were on the same page with the "in August?!" thinking! She also recruited one of her great friends, LeeAnn. Go team.

Let me tell you one thing. It was expensive. As much as my half, with no heavy shiny medal and just a cotton tee to show for myself. (It's kind of an ugly tee too, ER people, can you work on that?)

Tracy came to the my door to get me and I was surprised to see him! He wasn't going... was he? He said he was going to take us and then come back here and then go pick us up again. Unless it was fun, and then he would stay. He recruited company for Charlotte in the form of Duncan and we were off. Duncan was so excited! An adventure!

I had purchased some blinky stuff for the Legacy Midnight Run tat Sara and I did and at the time I bought enough for this race too. LeeAnn also brought earrings and necklaces and some other fun glowy type items. It took us a while to get everything put together but it was worth it, we totally rocked the glow.

We lined up at the starting chute with the 100 billion other people and yelled and cheered and were happy for like... the first half hour. It drug on and on. They were late getting this thing started! You know why? Juan Pablo! That's why! They were filming The Bachelor and apparently he had a one-on-one date with some scarlet and they were surprise! Running the race. What a terrible date idea! Running? Not to mention we were now totally late and it was getting rather anticlimactic.

They tried, it was a great big rave with glowy things, people yelling, a DJ, a very excited announcer guy. It was the delay that was the stinker.

It was finally our turn and we were off. It was neat actually! Probably about 50% of the course was lit up and somehow decorated. It was pretty darn cool. Even the Color me Rad color stations only took up 5-10% of the race so this was why it was so pricey eh?

Shannon's heel was not wanting to play so we knew we were going to walk. Whatever, I am game. We certainly got more bang for our buck that way right? I mean average out the minutes and we did a lot better cost wise than the ones who booked it through. We tried to be polite and stay to the right for the runners but I am sure they were annoyed with all the walkers.

RockStar was a sponsor during the race they had a table set up with RockStars (yuck) and the new RockStar water. (Terrible!) I do not recommend them. Caffeinated water? Just say no.

There was a huge party after, there was dancing and yelling and rave-ish type things going on but we are old. When we got done the stage area was already jam packed! They kept saying the Bachelor would be out ANY MINUTE with his date but we saw how that worked for the race... any minute could mean sometime within the next 45 minutes! So we left. It was late enough.

We ate at Popeye's chicken which was okay... I guess. Tracy was really excited about it so I acted all excited but it's not crave worthy or anything. (Don't tell him I said that!) After almost hitting a deer we were on our way home.

Overall I would say that it was worth the money for a cheap skate like me. It was very pretty, fun and exciting. It was everything I expected the Legacy Midnight run to be and then more. The people were crazy, the music was loud and Duncan and Charlotte had a blast. They thought it was the best time ever. Win!

Rocking the glow - Me = short.

The starting chute. We were here for a long time. It was LOUD. 

I think this was the first 'attraction' - Umbrellas in trees! Probably prettier in person, it was very cool.

We will get to run through this in a minute.
Told you!

This is the finish line! 

Duncan and Charlotte kept themselves busy collecting discarded glow sticks! (Tracy sent me this picture mid-race to prove he hadn't lost them. 

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  1. Cool course....LOVE the kids holding the glowsticks. SO cute!