Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My Missed Half

This past weekend I gave away not one, but TWO race bibs. I had over committed myself because the date on the website for The Haunted Half was incorrect when we first started looking at it so my day was free to register for The Brent Event with a local girl who is trying to get trained for the Tinker Bell Half in January.

Wellll... I double booked. So I gave the 10k Bib to one of the girl's other friends and then... the leg... so I gave my Haunted Half bib to a friend of my BRF Sara. SO BUMMED.

From the get-go I was jealous... She Insta'd this picture of them at the start.

That's me there on the left. I am SO FAST. 

And then this one.

Buuuuut, I can take it. I really wanted to see how she did because, if you remember, when we did Big Cottonwood she finally left me to sprint the final mile and her thirteenth mile was an 8 minute mile. So she finished 3 minutes ahead of me. This girl had the potential to kill this. 

I waited for more news and then there was THIS...

Her official time was 1:47:10. And that is ridiculously fast!

I am so happy for her! If I were there I would have only slowed her down - I didn't even want to race it I wanted to have fun in costumes! I am so happy for her that she got this PR!

If I ever get below a 2 mile half I know I can retire. (I won't but I know I could...)

She made me feel a little better by telling me she prefers to race with me, even if she is slower. She said I am far less annoying to talk to than the voice in her head that kept telling her to go faster!

Yay for Sara! So sad I couldn't play too but knowing she did so well made me feel so much better. In the meantime I went to the PT and found out exactly what my issue is. More on that later.

Congrats Sara! You rock!


  1. Sorry you had to miss your race :( It stinks, but it's also fun to be a cheerleader, too! No pressure :)

    1. Yes - I quite enjoyed cheerleading surprisingly!

  2. Whomp Whomp. Missing races stink! But yay for your BRF! She rocked it!

  3. I swear I am just seeing this for the first time. What a sweet post :) So glad someones keeping a running journal for me :)