Sunday, October 13, 2013

Remember how...

I went off about that article a little while ago... and then I went off about a follow up article not too long after?

Remember how I tweeted the author of the article to let him know his article was #weaksauce?

Well he can take it...

Not long after that Tweet from me he started following little old me on the tweeter. Which I found hilarious. I am not a big tweeter-er and I really have nothing important to say. Not only that but the Tweeter removes what little filter I have! I just go out there and spout off... sometimes when I shouldn't!

This author, let's call him Kevin shall we, tweeted a picture of a raccoon in a garbage can that he took late at night while running through Central Park. I responded with something silly (raccoons are scary yo) and he tweeted me back telling me that the picture was definitely not a close up!

So even though I don't approve of his writing (okay, I have only read two articles)(and okay he does happen to be a Pulitzer Prize winner) and I told him so, he can take it and he just keeps on running.

Seems like a pretty stand up guy no?

So Kevin, let's see what else you've got. I will be watching you!

(Poor guy...)


  1. I like an author who can take it as well as dish it. Kev seems like a stand up guy...when he's not trashing people's dreams ;)

    1. Haha! Obviously I am quick to forgive!

  2. LOL this whole thing. I like Kevin. As long as he doesn't misquote me. ;) Or even just quote me period. Lovvvveeee me Kevin!